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Fic: Together - 1/8

Title: Together
Author: Gosgirl
Rating: M - for last two chapters
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby/Tony
Category: Romance
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. NCIS and its characters are the property of DPB and CBS. If I had a silver-haired, blue-eyed Marine to play with, do you think I'd have time for writing?
Summary: After an undercover operation in which Tony is injured, he and Abby end up at Gibbs' house on Christmas Eve. First time Gibbs/Abby/Tony threesome and really just an excuse for some smut and a bit of fun.

A/N: written as a Christmas present and thank you to my dear friend, Bamacrush, whose fault it is that I have such a mad list of WIP stories. And written as an excuse to include that Davenport suit in a threesome. That suit has a lot to answer for... and so does ncislove who positively demanded more threesome stories. And I'm starting to post this early to cheer up Bamacrush, who has a cold *hugs*

Chapter 1 - Undercover Temptation

DiNozzo's first thought on seeing Gibbs enter the bullpen with his usual ground-eating stride had been...

Holy crap, wait till Abby sees this.

The suit his boss was wearing was hardly his normal attire.

A dark blue designer suit that looked tailored to fit those broad shoulders and taut butt, covered a deep blue silk shirt and an equally snazzy tie. The whole ensemble was topped by an expensive looking black wool overcoat that swung round his long legs as he walked.

This rare and very hot sight was the result of Gibbs going undercover.

The end of a case that had lasted a couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas was culminating in a sting operation which saw both DiNozzo and Gibbs spending several evenings undercover at an upscale nightclub.

While DiNozzo already had more than a few designer suits to his name, he'd never seen Gibbs dressed quite so... stylishly. It was probably a good job he hadn't, or he'd have had an harder time controlling himself around the Marine than he usually did.

During the op, both men had managed to blend in effortlessly at the club and normally Tony would have been in his element in such an environment.

But as usual, the big guy made him look like a rank amateur.

As they both spent time observing and gathering intel, DiNozzo watched Gibbs prowl around, smoothly flirting with several unattached females, who hopefully included their potential suspect.

Standing at the bar nursing a drink and talking to the bartender, or seated in the neighbouring booth doing his own level best to charm the female he was targeting, and hearing Gibbs' deep voice as he watched the full effect of that disarming grin, was more than enough to send all Tony's blood rushing south, even without the added visual of that suit.

The man was magnetic.

That charm was something they rarely, if ever, got to see at work but Tony had always been under no doubt that the guy would be lethal if he turned it on.

After all, Gibbs had managed to persuade three women to marry him, and Tony was used to seeing him draw every female, and quite a few male, eyes wherever he went... even when dressed by Sears.

Add confident flirting into the mix and the big man's usually commanding presence virtually oozed dangerous sexuality... resulting in Tony feeling almost permanently horny for the past two days.

Several times, Tony thought he'd caught Gibbs watching him at the club and couldn't quite read, or believe, the expression in those blue eyes.

It was a heated look that Tony was used to seeing Gibbs direct mainly at Abby, usually when she wasn't aware that Gibbs was watching her.

To wonder if that same intense gaze might be directed at him was starting to fray on Tony's nerves.

He'd been in lust... love... with his boss for years, and also with Abby.

He loved them both.

But she was his best friend and he hadn't yet plucked up the courage to do anything about it. He didn't want to risk that friendship.

Sometimes he felt sure that his flirting with Gibbs was returned, but they'd been dancing round the subject for so long that Tony no longer allowed himself to hope.

As on so many occasions, Gibbs could be unreadable when he chose. Those blue eyes which could communicate so much with just a look could become almost impossible to read when his mask slammed into place.

Besides, Gibbs belonged to Abby... and vice versa.

Everyone knew that, even if neither of them had admitted it yet.

Tony felt like he'd spent the entire time in the club trying to hide his hard on or pretending it was caused by the latest female draped around him. It was going to be a long shower tonight, with enough fantasy fodder in Tony's brain to keep him going for hours.

Although Tony couldn't help hoping that there wouldn't be many more nights in the club.

His right hand was going to develop repetitive strain injury at this rate.

"Gibbs, just in time, come and look at this... whoa."

Abby's voice trailed off as she turned to face Gibbs as he and DiNozzo entered her lab, which was decorated as usual as if a Christmas tornado had blown through it.

Tony couldn't suppress a grin at the stunned expression on her face.

"Wow, you're looking really, really hot, boss-man. That is one smokin' hot suit," she told him, recovering quickly and looking Gibbs up and down with open admiration, lips curving in a smile. "Not that you don't look like a fox all the time anyway but this is just..."

God, she could eat him... with or without a spoon.

She looked up to meet a pair of amused blue eyes.

"It's just a suit, Abbs," Gibbs shrugged, quirking his familiar half-smile.

"You see, Abby," protested Tony, smiling and throwing his hands up in mock horror, "the Boss has no appreciation for fine clothes. I've been telling him since Monday that that suit is some serious cloth and you sure as heck won't find it in Sears."

"Well, yeah, I can see that, Tony. I saw you both on the video footage from last night remember? And I gotta say you both looked mighty fine. Very sharp suit, Tony," she smiled at him as Tony bowed in her direction.

"Why, thank you, little lady," Tony drawled, grinning.

"But it's the first time I've seen this suit... umm... in the flesh, so to speak and it's certainly worth the wait."

Abby stepped close and ran her hand down the lapel of Gibbs' jacket, fingering the cloth appreciatively, all too conscious of the firm muscle underneath it.

Tony watched her, trying to hide a smile as he saw the mischievous expression cross Abby's face. The two of them shared the same appreciation for Gibbs'... assets.

Although as she stepped into his personal space, Abby wasn't sure that getting any nearer to Gibbs was a good idea. The combination of silver hair, ice blue eyes and this dark suit had her wanting to jump his bones.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow before asking, dryly, "Any chance you two could concentrate on the case anytime soon?"

Abby gave him an unabashed grin, immune to his glare as usual before spinning back to her computer. Both men leaned back with practiced ease to avoid the flying pigtails as she went on a verbal gallop through the IDs they'd gleaned from last night's footage.

Before Tony and Gibbs left, they'd narrowed their suspect list down even further. They were heading for the club this afternoon so they could spend some time with the manager to plan tonight's operation.

Gibbs' "Good job, Abbs" was accompanied by the usual warm kiss to her cheek, which prompted an even wider smile as he turned away. She cocked her head appreciatively to one side to watch Gibbs stride out... the back view almost as impressive as the front.

Tony lingered after Gibbs left, leaning back against her workbench, arms folded and grinned at Abby, waiting for the inevitable comment.

She made a show of fanning herself, smiling at him, "Wow. I think I just spontaneously orgasmed."

"Yeah? Well, you wanna try watching and listening to him in action at close quarters all night. And he nearly caused a riot in the bullpen this morning when he walked in... I thought Ziva was going to drool into her smoothie and Vance's secretary nearly went headfirst down the stairs."

An impatient bellow drifted back into the lab, "DiNozzo."

"On your six, boss."

Tony jogged out of the lab, but threw a grin over his shoulder at Abby as he caught her muttered comment.

"Oh, you wish, Tony."


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