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Fic: Together 3/8

Title: Together - 2/8
Author: Gosgirl
Rating: M
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby/Tony
Category: Romance
Summary: After an undercover operation in which Tony is injured, he and Abby end up at Gibbs' house on Christmas Eve. First time Gibbs/Abby/Tony threesome and really just an excuse for some smut and a bit of fun.

Chapter 3 – Trying to Hide

The journey to Gibbs' house took longer than normal. Traffic was heavy, the weather conditions making driving difficult.

With Abby settled in the middle, Tony clambered after her into Gibbs' truck and eased himself into the seat with a heavy sigh. Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, he let his tiredness wash over him.

The wound on his upper arm was sore as hell but he'd held off taking painkillers in order to get his report finished. The strong prescription strength painkillers Ducky insisted he take with him were the ones that always made him loopy, but even Tony realized he might need them later so he could get some sleep.

DiNozzo spent the journey in uncharacteristic silence, just staring out the side window as they drove. Gibbs and Abby both recognised his need for quiet and didn't push him to talk. Both were unused to see the fizzing bundle of energy that was Tony so still and Abby at least found it unsettling.

When they arrived at Gibbs' house, Abby headed straight for the coffee maker, flicking it on while Gibbs carried her bags in and DiNozzo dumped his own in the living room. She noticed Tony was moving easily enough, despite favouring his left arm.

"Might be some of that hazelnut crap DiNozzo likes in the end cupboard."

"Wow, I'm touched, Boss." Tony leaned in the kitchen doorway, the strain still visible round his eyes but the brief smile that flashed across his face was at least genuine.

"Don't get used to it," gruffed Gibbs, turning away to hide his smile.

"You should be resting, Tony," Abby reminded him, grabbing mugs out of the cupboard. "Why don't you crash out on the couch and I'll bring coffee through. If there's any food in the fridge, I'll fix you something to eat."

"Hey, I got food," protested Gibbs, tugging on a pigtail.

"Well, stop the world, I wanna get off. It's just one shock after another today, isn't it," she grinned at him cheekily.

"Not really very hungry, Abby," Tony broke in, quietly.

She spun round to face him, pigtails flying and hands on hips as she glared, "Well, you gotta have something to eat if you're gonna take the painkillers, Tony... and don't look at me like that either. If you're not gonna take painkillers, that means you're gonna hit the bourbon... either way you need food. We all need food, however late it might be and I for one am hungry, even if you aren't... although I've never known you not to be hungry."

Tony looked to Gibbs for help during Abby's tirade, but all his Boss did was hold up his hands, shaking his head as if to say I'm not getting in front of an Abby steam train.

"Gonna get torches and candles in case the power goes out," said Gibbs, as Tony threw up his own hands, giving in.

"Hey, Gibbs, I bet you were a boy scout when you were a kid," Abby called to his retreating back but wasn't surprised when she didn't get an answer.

"Were you in the girl guides, Abbs?"

Abby grinned as he leaned against the counter next to her, "I was, Tony, although I really wanted to be in the boy scouts. They seemed to have so much more fun."

"I'm sure the scouts would have voted you in." He told her with a soft smile. "I know I would."

She watched Tony closely as she waited for the coffee to finish brewing, seeing that he'd decided to pull his cheerful game face back on for now. But she could see the undertones of guardedness as if Tony was waiting for them both to tackle him and try and make him talk.

Looking around at the familiar, comforting surroundings of Gibbs' home, Abby wasn't surprised by the lack of decorations. Along with their birthdays and the day Shannon and Kelly were killed, Christmas must be one of the most difficult times of the year for Gibbs, even after all this time.

Suspecting that he usually spent the day in the sanctuary of his basement, probably climbing inside a bourbon bottle, it made Gibbs' invitation to her and Tony even more surprising, even taking into account Tony's injuries and not so well-hidden stress.

Whatever Gibbs' reasons, Abby couldn't think of anywhere she'd rather be... or two men she'd rather spend the day with.

She loved this house.

It was as warm and strong as its owner and it had always made her feel safe in almost the same way Gibbs did.

Gibbs appeared back upstairs and distributed various torches and candles around the living room and kitchen, before lighting the fire. When he returned to the kitchen, as if on cue, the lights flickered but came on again.

Abby glanced up. "Uh-oh. Cross everything that at least the power hangs on till we've eaten a hot meal."

"Power's bound to go out at some point, Abby, with this storm on its way," commented Tony, as he sipped his coffee.

"If you wanna grab a shower, do it now then, before it does," Gibbs was rummaging in a kitchen drawer as he spoke.

"You go first, Tony, if you like, while I fix us something to eat." Abby turned back to the fridge.

"Okay, might be a good idea," agreed Tony, "so I can wash some of this blood off."

Ducky had got rid of the worst excesses after he'd stitched him up but Tony still felt grimy and just about all his muscles ached, so the thought of a hot shower was more than welcoming

Gibbs turned, tape and plastic wrap in hand.

"You gonna duct tape me and toss me in the closet, Boss?" Tony mustered up a faint but genuine teasing smile, although he knew what the wrap and tape were really for.

Gibbs tilted his head as if considering just that, his face deadpan, "It's an idea."

Abby chuckled, "Gloria was always threatening to do that to my stinky little brother. I kept volunteering to help but she wouldn't let me do it."

"Come on, shirt off," Gibbs told him, waiting expectantly.

Tony rolled his eyes, sighing but didn't protest as he let Abby help him off with his jacket and ease off the sweatshirt, wincing as the material dragged over the bandage. Abby gnawed her lip as she took in the bandaged arm and the careful way Tony moved, but he was no more likely to admit how much pain he was in than Gibbs would.

Abby watched as Gibbs taped the wrap over the bandage to stop it getting wet in the shower, helping him hold the edges as he did so.

She tried her best not to get distracted by the expanse of bare flesh in front of her... Tony's strong shoulders and the covering of dark hair across his broad chest.

Abby was acutely conscious of the sudden electricity crackling in the air between them all.

It was hardly the first time she'd seen Tony bare chested, but there was something about the current situation that was affecting her more than usual, that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Although there was a great deal within reach, on both men... clothed and unclothed... that she'd very much like to put more than her finger on if she got the chance...

She brushed her fingers gently across the bruise appearing on Tony's neck and the grazes on his hands from where he'd hit the deck.

"Oh, Tony," she whispered.

A few inches further over and that bullet would have hit his chest dead centre.

"Hey, I'm alright, Abbs, really." Tony tilted her chin up, seeing her eyes shining with unshed tears as she was reminded yet again how close they'd come to losing him.

"I know but..." she trailed off, unable to put into words how she was feeling.

Gibbs squeezed her shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile as he finished the taping, not unaffected by Tony's nearness himself... by them all standing so close together.

"Okay... that should hold in the shower." Gibbs stepped back, needing some distance from them both to calm down.

"Gonna scrub my back too?" Tony's quiet comment fell into the charged atmosphere, and for a second, neither Gibbs or Abby were sure to which of them the remark had been addressed.

Abby broke the intimate silence, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"Don't tempt me, although you're not supposed to be doing anything too strenuous, remember?" she teased, smiling up at him. "I'll change the dressing later, Tony, and put some of that cream on it that Ducky gave me. If we're very good, we might even persuade Gibbs to make us hot chocolate later."

"That'd make a change?" commented Gibbs, dryly.

"What, hot chocolate?" asked Abby, smiling.

"Nope, you two being good."

Abby laughed, "Oh, we're always good... and I'm sure we can be very good." She turned away for a refill, her voice trailing off before she could get herself in any more trouble with double meanings, not missing the amused look Tony threw her.

As Gibbs poured himself more coffee, Abby looked between him and Tony before suggesting, hesitantly, "You know, it'd be warmer if we all slept downstairs by the fire, just in case the power goes out and stays out."

Silence greeted her suggestion but then Tony cleared his throat and chipped in before it became uncomfortable.

"You know, that's not a bad idea. It'd be a lot warmer down here, Boss," admitted Tony, turning away and rummaging in his bag for fresh clothes, partly to hide his expression.

Gibbs looked from one to the other, his gut telling him this was a very bad... very tempting... idea, but not able to think of a good enough reason to refuse without giving too much away.

He shrugged, "Okay, sure, we can bring the mattress down. I can take the couch," Gibbs said over both their protests. "You up to giving me a hand with the mattress, Abbs?"

"Hey, I can help with that," protested Tony.

Gibbs shook his head, "Not with that arm you can't, Tony."

"Sure I can. In case you hadn't noticed, Tony, I'm a big strong girl." Abby posed, flexing her arms, triggering a small smile from Gibbs. "And anyway all I need do is steady it so it doesn't fall down the stairs and flatten the boss-man."

"And I can do the heavy lifting," continued Gibbs.

They headed upstairs, still wrangling the point while Gibbs stripped the bed. Tony and Abby helped Gibbs to manhandle the mattress out of the bedroom door, but neither would let Tony help further. Eventually, Tony threw his hands up in surrender and headed for the shower.

With Gibbs going first and taking most of the weight, he and Abby managed to slide the mattress downstairs, leaving it propped in the hallway for now.


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