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Fic: Together: Chapter 6/8

Title: Together - 6/8
Author: Gosgirl
Rating: M
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby/Tony
Category: Romance
Summary: After an undercover operation in which Tony is injured, he and Abby end up at Gibbs' house on Christmas Eve. First time Gibbs/Abby/Tony threesome and really just an excuse for some smut and a bit of fun.

Chapter 6 - Reflections

When Abby could no longer smother her yawns, she decided to give in and try and get some rest. Turning everything over in her head was going to get her nowhere fast tonight and it was late enough even for her after the day they'd all had.

Shaking Tony gently awake, Abby urged him to his feet and he grabbed the bedding while she and Gibbs moved the coffee table and manoeuvred the mattress into the living room.

Gibbs threw some blankets onto the couch, deciding it would be easier if he slept there – less distracting, but was stopped by Abby's voice.

"Hey, you don't need to sleep on that uncomfortable old thing." She gestured to the mattress. "This is big enough for the three of us. We're all adults and anyway I wanna keep warm in the middle..." she paused, considering, her head on one side and an impish curving her lips, "as long as you two don't snore?"

She giggled when Tony threw a pillow at her, protesting, "Hey, I don't snore. More to the point, do you snore? We're takin' a big risk here don't you think, Gibbs, trusting that she doesn't. We might not get a wink of sleep all night."

"We could always smother her with a pillow if she does," came the amused, dry reply.

"Hey... not nice," Abby chuckled as she threw the pillow at Gibbs, who fielded it with a grin.

"Although I refuse to believe anyone snores like Ziva." Tony trailed off as he realized what he'd said, cursing his runaway mouth, and looked over to see Abby trying to stifle her laughter and Gibbs smirking. "I mean... you remember that undercover op, Gibbs, when we were in the hotel room pretending to be assassins, right? That's what I meant, not... anyway, she snores like a steam train..."

"I was in MTAC, remember? I heard it too. I think we all heard it."

Tony grinned, "Yeah, right, I forget there for a minute we had an audience... Anyway, if you snore like Ziva, I'm slinging you over my shoulder and you're going in the basement, Abbs, and you're makin' breakfast. What d'ya think, boss?"

"Works for me."

"Well, now I'm being ganged up on," she pouted at Gibbs, seeing his grin and couldn't contain her laughter. Giggling, she grabbed the medkit she'd got out earlier and looked expectantly at Tony. "Okay, buster, stop trying to distract me. Time to change your bandage."

He huffed at her goodnaturedly but sat back down again. Abby perched next to him on the couch and waited as he partially shucked off his sweatshirt, exposing his injured arm. She noted the wince he tried so hard to hide, the pain shadowing his green eyes momentarily.

When Abby carefully eased the bandage off, she was relieved to see the wound looking clean, the row of neat stitches stretching across the bicep. "Okay, that's lookin' good. Nice and clean, no infection which is what we want to see."

"It's just a bit sore, Abbs... it'll be..."

She rolled her eyes, lips twitching in a smile as she finished his sentence, "Fine, yeah, I know."

As she smeared on the antibiotic cream, Abby was aware of the intense blue eyes watching her from across the room, and she suppressed an involuntary shiver as her skin reacted as if it was a caress.

Tony propped his head on his other hand, watching her as she worked, and his quiet voice pulled her out of her thoughts. "One of these days I'm gonna get to see you in a sexy nurse's uniform when you do this."

Abby looked up at him, seeing his cheeky smile, wondering if this was him putting on his game face again, or the arrival of the painkillers.

"Well, I'd rather you lot didn't get injured quite as often as you do, just to get me into that. All you have to do is ask or I might wear it for next Halloween if you're very good," she teased.

"It'd be almost worth getting shot to see you in it."

As she re-bandaged his arm, smoothing the tape round the firm muscle, she was conscious of Tony's gaze and she jolted at his next words.

"Did I ever tell ya, Abbs, that you've got beautiful green eyes... like emeralds. I mean really, really beautiful."

She could feel herself blushing as she kept her gaze lowered, "Tony, they're the same color as yours, look in the mirror sometime."

Uh-oh... guess that answers the question... the painkillers had hit.

"Ah, but I think yours are much more beautiful than mine." Tony looked over at Gibbs, gesturing expansively, "Hasn't she, Boss? She's got really, really lovely eyes."


"She has," agreed Gibbs, quietly, half smiling at the pink flush he could see creeping over Abby's cheeks and the surprised look she threw at him.

"Not that you don't also have... really nice eyes, Boss. Blue... like the ocean," beamed Tony, obviously pleased with his analogy.

Abby giggled when it was Gibbs' turn to look uncomfortable.

"But you are just so gorgeous, Abby... so beautiful." Tony's hand came up to brush against her cheek gently.

"Tony..." she protested, glancing across at Gibbs, who held up his hands.

"Don't look at me, Abbs. Not gonna argue with that."

"Oh, I see, we've changed to embarrass the hell out of Abby now, is it? Behave... the pair of you." Worried what else Tony might say, she hurried to finish with the bandage and sat back. "Okay, Tony, that should do it."

Tony slipped his sweatshirt back on fully, "Thanks, Miss Nightingale..."

Tony leaned back against the couch, closing his eyes, as if the effort of joking and flirting had drained him of whatever energy remained.

Abby watched him for a moment before glancing across at Gibbs, who was pouring himself another shot. He held up the bottle but she shook her head.

"Think I'm gonna turn in. You two just step over me when you're ready."

Grabbing a flashlight, she nipped upstairs to brush her teeth, hearing footsteps on the landing while she was in the bathroom, so she assumed one or both of them were using the ensuite. When she returned, it seemed that Tony had also given up fighting his tiredness and was already lying on the mattress, eyes closed.

She saw that Gibbs had lost the red hoodie and was now just clad in a T-shirt and his sweatpants, which she couldn't help but notice hugged that very fine butt very nicely indeed.

Gibbs had finished banking up the fire and was now depositing their glasses in the kitchen. He watched Abby move past him.

She'd removed his sweatshirt and was now only wearing a camisole top and her sweatpants, the tempting swell of her breasts obvious under the thin material. His eyes roamed over the tight curves of her ass as she crawled onto the mattress, all long limbs and ivory skin and dragged his eyes away before she could catch him staring.

Gibbs had already been distracted by Tony spreading the comforter and bedding out on the mattress for them all, his eyes drawn to the line of the younger man's muscular back and curve of his taut ass under his sweatpants.

And now Tony was already out for the count and Abby fussed over him, pulling the comforter up to cover his shoulders.

God...double the temptation.

Tony was lying nearest the fire, with Abby in the middle and Gibbs lay down as far away as he could on the edge of the mattress.

An injured, spaced out Tony and Abby's sexy curves within reach did not guarantee a relaxing night's sleep.

He'd been aware of the heated glances the two exchanged during the evening, their discussion obviously occupying their minds.

Now all he had to do was make a decision himself... whatever the hell that was.

He wanted them both so much.

They had all flirted with each other to varying degrees over the years, but none of them had crossed the line.

Today had been another sharp reminder of what they lived with every day and how one day, one of them might not be so lucky... again. Kate and Jenny should have taught them all that lesson already.

And he was so tired of feeling lonely.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Gibbs tried to compose himself for sleep.

He tried deep breathing techniques, lying still and unclenching taut muscles one by one, concentrating on trying to stop his reaction to what was lying within touching distance.

He'd lost count of the number of times he'd dreamed about two pairs of almost identical vivid green eyes and breathtaking smiles.

He'd spent hours wondering how soft brown hair and lustrous black silk would feel through his fingers, and how warm supple curves and hard solid muscle would respond under his hands.

What both would feel like under his mouth... what it would feel like to drive into both of them... to feel their hands and mouths on him.

Oh god... not helping, Gunny.

With Abby right next to him, Gibbs could still smell traces of her soap or whatever it was she'd used in the shower, and it was more than enticing... a hint of vanilla with a spicy undertone he couldn't identify but which was frazzling his nerves and making his dick throb.

He felt her shift next to him and tensed but she was just turning onto her side to face him and he heard her soft murmur.

"Night, Gibbs."

Abby was close enough that her warm breath tickled his cheek causing every nerve ending to sit up and take notice.

Swallowing hard, he turned his head to see her luminous green eyes just a few inches away... so close.

He could just reach out and touch...

His heart rate speeding up, he grabbed for his control instead and whispered, "Night, Abbs."

She flashed him a bright smile and rolled onto her back, closing her eyes and he stared at the delicate line of her profile in the warm glow from the fire. Once he heard her breathing even out, Gibbs turned his head away and tried to calm himself for sleep, willing his arousal away.

But it was a long time before he could settle himself to sleep, his mind whirling over what he'd heard and how they both felt about him... his thoughts all jumbled up with memories of past Christmases completely alone in a drunken haze under his boat, missing his girls so much it felt like a physical agony.

Or the bitterness of Christmases spent in three failing marriages, where vindictive arguments and resentful silences were the norm... interspersed with more tolerable times if the festive season came round while he was in other relationships... that time on the op with Jenny in Paris... brief spells where he could have described himself as happy.

He glanced over at Abby and Tony in the glow of the firelight... wondering if this was finally the time to try to move on... to see if it would work with these two he wanted so much... who he loved so much?

Would a threesome relationship even work?

They were all equally strong personalities and with two of them, it was double the opportunity for him to screw up... as he always did. But he knew that if he didn't even give this a try, then he'd regret it for the rest of his life.


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