H. (ncis_love) wrote in gibbs_abby_tony,

Title: Somewhere Along the Way
Author: ncis_love
Rating: M
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby/Tony
Category: Romance, episode tag, hurt/comfort
Summary: So I don't want to tag EVERY episode individually, but I wanted to write a G/A/T fic that sorta deals with their relationship through all the seasons. It starts out as just friends, and then I plan to weave it through all the major events (and some minor stuff too). So… as long as NCIS is going, this will kinda be never-ending. No regular posting schedule (I am 60,000 words into it though. And I won't specify which eps are tagged/not tagged – and like this chapter, two episodes might be smooshed together. You can find it here on ff.net - too many chapters to bog down a community like this, so only posting at ff.net for now

Click here for the fic
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