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gibbs_abby_tony's Journal

'The NCIS OT3'
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This community is for the enjoyment of a group of fans of the tv show NCIS. No profit is made by any material published in this place and it is only meant to share our views on the show and what might or should be in the opinion of some of the fans.

Credit and thanks for the beautiful layout go to the wonderful kaylashay Thank you so much, love! :).

I know this looks *long*. But personally I prefer having one source for the dos and don'ts in a community. --- If you, by any chance have any questions or suggestions after you read this... Please feel free to contact me (Cassy, Cass or whatever else you can come up with). Cassanlynx[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk -I like people. I don't like bots and tech spiders that much.-

Hello and welcome. :)

This place is meant to be a refuge for all Gabby (Gibbs/Abby), Tabby (Tony/Abby), Tibbs (Gibbs/Tony) and especially for all GAT (Gibbs/Abby/Tony) shippers. You are welcome to post stories, character analysis, references to scenes you consider shippy for these three and of course any other sort of fanart or screen shots you can think of - if they include Abby, Gibbs or Tony, or preferably more than one of them. :) --- And to make this clear. Friendship is just as welcome as love. Just make sure the people who'll look at your work know what to expect.

The Rules.

1) Don't witch hunt the actors or any other people involved in the process of making the show.
2) Don't flame any character or pairing. That includes Hollis Mann and Jeanne Benoit. State your opinion. That's it.
3) Feedback. Please comment on what you like. If you ever wrote a story or drew a picture you'll know that this process can take hours, sometimes days or even weeks. Commenting usually takes about five minutes. If you want to see more - let the person know you care.
3) You're welcome to hug and Gibbs-smack people who approve of such treatment. If you don't know them - ask for permission first. Watch 4.11 -Driven- if you wonder what I'm talking about.
4) Posting. Please spell check. Betas aren't always easy to find. But a simple spell check makes it easier for people to read what you wrote. And likelier that you'll get a reaction.
7) Please remember to rate and warn. I'll go into detail with this one below. But what you might love another person might hate and vice versa. Don't force anyone to read/look at stuff that makes them feel bad.
8) Don't. Ever. Write our heroes in sexual relations with minors -well do if you must but keep it far away from here-. Underage as a plot element is okay while it is used in the way you see it in the show. Implicit. And as a crime. In no other way.
9) Please remember that the main ship of this community is Gibbs/Abby/Tony. You are welcome to post any combination of these three. And other pairings are allowed. In a story that focuses on GAT. Or Gabby, Tabby or Tibbs.
12) Please try to label what you know to be direct quotes as such in the author's notes. (e.g. Our mistress of the dark is keeping secrets from us. is obviously a direct one. [Tony to Gibbs about Abby - 3.21 Bloodbath.] It's okay if you just mention that it's from the show if you can't remember the episode it's from. And it's obviously not necessary to label something like "Thank you, boss." or "Hey Abs.")
18) Please introduce yourself when you join. Nobody will bite you (and if they do in a way you don't like, tell me and I'll smack them for you...) and it's nice to know the people around you. I'll give you a possible example below.
22) Remember that no one wants their friends' list cramped. Please use lj cut for anything longer than about 100 words or bigger than approx. 200*200 pixel -and always use lj cut for non-work safe pictures-. It's simple. < lj-cut_text= "..." > Your post [Please remove any spaces and then add one at the spot indicated by the underscore _ . It won't show here unless it's modified.]
23) Have fun. Don't let these rules scare you. You'll get banned for acting like a troll. If you're tolerant and easy going you have no reason to worry.

--- I will add to this if necessary. They're kinda... open rules. Tend to change at times if there's need for a new one. *smirks* Yes. I do like Gibbs. A lot. ;) [In case you happen to be "new" to the show. Gibbs has these wonderful rules. Don't be surprised that there's more than one rule number one. And that there are gaps. *smiles*]

The real number one that surpasses all other rules:
1) Be courteous - there's no need for insults and hatred. Of any kind. You don't have to like everyone. But if you hurt another person's feelings on purpose. You will be warned. If you do it again you will be banned. This is nothing against you. But I want people to have a good time around here.


Introducing yourself:

Can be a short note. Just something so other people know who you are.

Hi. I'm [...]. I like [...] and [...] about NCIS. And my favourite character is [...]. My favourite ship(s) is/are [...] and [...]. I like to write / read / draw / vid /whatever else.

-Add whatever you like. Preferably after you read the rules. *gg*


Posting: (you probably know these from other places)
Please always put in Type of work (Art, Fiction/Fic, Rec, Discussion...); Title, Characters/Pairings, part of/... parts, Rating in the header - and the below information in your post outside the lj-cut.

Title: (doesn't have to be creative, but it's much easier to refer to work that can be labeled)
Nickname: (give people a way to address you. Grapnhngzwq_213 is a cool user name. But telling them to call you Angie makes it easier for people to talk to you)
Rating: (the show itself is rated "R". So please refrain from labeling your work below PG13 unless they're... um... out of character -language...- and obviously just friends.
PG13 is for young teens. - R is for older teens. - NC17 is for adults.)
Category: (angst, fluff, humor, hurt/comfort etc.)
Characters/Pairing(s): (depends on whether it's love or friendship, please make the difference. If they're in a relationship, put a slash, if it's friendship put a comma - I like reading either, but there are people who don't. If they're not yet in a relationship but will be - or if they're flirting more seriously... rather go with relationship.)
Disclaimer: (The characters don't belong to you. It's sad but true.)
Spoilers: (Major ones. You don't need to put up spoiler warnings if it's just a short piece of conversation. And while Kate dying was a serious blow for many of us. It's not a spoiler these days. Because as much as she's loved and missed. People are aware of what happened.)
Warnings: (Please make sure you warn for anything that might shock people. - Always warn for character death, rape/non-con, strong bdsm, kink, mpreg and anything else you think deserves a warning.)
Word Count: (Obviously only for fiction. Just roughly. Let people know if your story is 100 or 5000 words long.)
Author's Notes: (Add what you think appropriate.)


Feedback: - Generally. Just say what you think. But stay friendly. I read your story. Abby doesn't sleep in a bed. She sleeps in a casket. It's mentioned in ... and in ... and in ... and again in ... is honest, I guess. But I liked... and... - but you might want to consider that... sounds much nicer.